Building the future - with Arikon
as a total contractor

As a total contractor, we think your construction project through from the beginning to the end. Planning, execution and control of all services are our responsibility.

ARIKON as total contractor - the film introduces you to the topic in a concrete implementation and provides experience reports

All information and decision paths between the project participants are controlled by us and guarantee a high degree of planning reliability, efficient use of resources and precise control of individual construction phases.

As a client, you have only one contact person who is responsible for the quality, budget security and timely completion of your project. You have the idea and a budget - we realize your project. That is building with a future!

ARIKON as total contractor

  • combines all fields of competence under one roof
  • networks and controls interdisciplinary services and systems to create optimal overall solutions
  • advises, plans and builds the entire project
  • produces a high proportion of its own work and ensures an optimal use of resources
  • creates deadline and budget security

Modular and serial building 
This guarantees flexibility, profitability, time and cost-optimized construction and a high level of living comfort according to the latest standards.

Michal Korte


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