Those who love something special will also love Passau. The city at the southern foothills of the Bavarian Forest has a lot to offer that you will look for in vain in other cities.

First of all, Passau has a lot of water. With the Danube, Inn and Ilz, three rivers flow into each other near Passau and offer a special natural spectacle. Even a long way after the confluence, the different water colors of the three rivers are recognizable: the green of the Inn, the blue of the Danube and the black of the Ilz.

The southern flair of Passau's old town is also special. The style-defining architecture of Italian master builders can still be seen today. No wonder that Passau is often called "the Venice of Bavaria".

The independent city advertises itself with the attribute "particularly livable". For good reason: inexpensive building land, low rents, the excellent transport infrastructure, a first-class educational offering and, last but not least, the idyllic natural landscapes around Passau create a particularly attractive environment.

Particularly worth mentioning is the University of Passau, from which, by the way, AriInfoWare GmbH also developed as a spin-off. Passau University is characterized by interdisciplinarity and internationality and regularly takes top positions among university rankings.


Even the weather is special in Passau. The summers are particularly hot, the winters particularly cold and snowy; thanks to the continental influence, dirty weather is also something - exactly - special for the approximately 52,000 Passau residents.

Last but not least, a special feature should be mentioned at this point, which connects the venerable Passau Cathedral St. Stephan
with the youngest ARIKON subsidiary, AriInfoWare GmbH. In cooperation with the cathedral, a digital documentation system for recording environmental damage was developed as part of a comprehensive care and precaution system at the Passau Cathedral Church. Thus, Passau Cathedral is not only home to the largest cathedral organ in the world, but also the world's first ever MonArch user.

If you would like to get to know us and our Digital Information Management better, please feel free to visit us. You will find AriInfoWare GmbH, not far from the tree-lined banks of the Inn River, at Innstraße 69 B. You are, how could it be otherwise, especially welcome!


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