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Seen from above, Ludwigsfelde is an island: all around it are extensive fields and forests - in the center pulsates one of the high-tech locations of the eastern areas of Germany. Surprising? No, because the economic upswing "in the country" began as early as the mid-1930s. After a few recessions, the small town south of Berlin is currently experiencing another upswing.

It is only 11 km from Ludwigsfelde to the city limits of Berlin. However, Ludwigsfelde is not a satellite city. In GDR times, the town became famous mainly for the construction of the globally successful multi-purpose trucks "Werdau 50" (W50) and the production of the legendary motor scooter "Berlin". And even today - or rather, today again - real heavyweights still roll off the assembly lines .

The foundation on the way to becoming one of the most important business locations in Brandenburg was laid as early as 1935. With the establishment of an aircraft engine plant, Daimler-Benz attracted a growing number of factory workers to Ludwigsfelde. In 1938, Ludwigsfelde was connected to the autobahn network - an advantage with which the business location in the Teltow-Fläming district still benefits from today. In a study conducted by the magazine "Focus Money", the district ranked first among all the districts in the east in terms of economic strength and attractiveness.


Ludwigsfelde is well prepared for the future. In addition to global corporations such as Mercedes Benz, VW, Siemens, MTU AeroEngines, Rolls-Royce, Franke Aquarotter and Coca-Cola, a farsighted, planned mix of industries creates good prospects. Building land is still affordable compared with nearby Berlin - one reason why Ludwigsfeld is so attractive for families.

We at ARIKON are happy to join the list of successful companies at a future-oriented location. ARIKON Infrastruktur und Umwelttechnik GmbH is located not far from the Genshagen freeway junction, with a direct view of the neighboring fields and forests. Have a look at our company!

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