Those who want to reach for the stars are drawn to Darmstadt. Darmstadt? Exactly!

With the headquarters of the European Space Operations Center (ESOC), the city, which is found in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region is the center of European space technology.

Innovative technologies, science and research have a long been a tradition at the Darmstadt site. The Technical University was founded as early as 1877 and currently has around 26,000 students preparing for the future. In addition, two other universities and numerous private research institutes offer young people excellent career prospects. With so much academic potential, Darmstadt naturally carries the title "Science City", which was awarded in 1997, with "summa cum laude".

By the way, it is not the only title the prosperous metropolis can lay claims to. Darmstadt is officially "an excellent place to live for specialists and executives" - certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Darmstadt is also the center of Art Nouveau.

With so much versatility and economic and scientific strength, ARIKON Tech GmbH and its branches in Mina-Rees-Straße fit perfectly into the image of the "likeable smaller city in the middle of Germany", as the city of Darmstadt advertises itself.


ARIKON Tech GmbH has its quarters in the west of the city of around 160,000 inhabitants, surrounded by the European Space Flight Control Center, the universities and the European Organization for Meteorological Satellites. From here, we create the optimal basis for work and life for industry, trade, science and the housing sector with our individually planned and installed power and line networks and complete solutions in the field of building technology. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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