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Umbrella, charm and an own goal.


Soccer fans will certainly remember the most curious own goal in the history of the Bundesliga when they hear the keyword "Cottbus": April 6, 2002, shot by Gladbach's Witeczek, header energy goalkeeper Piplica - into their own net, final score 3:3. But that was it with the own goals in the Lausitz. Cottbus is catching up!

Of course, the former lignite location Cottbus also has to struggle with structural change. But instead of burying their heads in the sand - this peculiarity is completely alien to the people of Lusatia - those responsible for the city are developing visions and building vigorously on the "digital city". Cottbus is on the way to becoming a technology and science location with a future.

Emerging economic power on the one hand - a green oasis on the other. Not only the people of Cottbus itself, but also the growing number of city travelers are richly endowed with incomparable landscape and cultural enjoyment. Among the highlights are the unique cultural landscape of the Spreewald, the numerous parks along the Spree and last but not least the breathtakingly beautiful Art Nouveau State Theater.


With so much charm it is hardly noticeable that statistically it rains more often in Cottbus in summer than elsewhere. To be on the safe side, simply bring an umbrella between June and August when you visit the Cottbus branch of ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH "Am Seegraben".

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