Cheap building is good, building with experts in planning is priceless.

Until the completion of a renovation project, many trades are intertwined. In addition, each individual development phase requires numerous and diverse decisions in detail.

Anyone who runs the risk of planning errors at an early stage will be punished often enough for this in the subsequent construction work. Early planning errors soon force expensive compensation measures. Our goal is to avoid such cost increases. For this purpose, we offer our services to builders during renovation works especially in three areas:


Consultation for building tenders

Our teams of experts are very familiar with quantity surveys, the preparation of bills of quantities and the rules for awarding contracts. This means that we can provide the client with valuable assistance even in this phase of the tendering process.


Technological consulting in planning

Theory and practice are sometimes far apart. Enormous costs in the implementation of the project and later in maintenance are the result. In contrast, precise planning, in which our cumulative experience is brought to bear, from the optimization of building physics to the energy optimization of building services engineering, helps.


Consulting in the construction phase

In the course of renovating old buildings, there are often occasions for replanning. Here we can help pragmatically and quickly when it comes to making decisions on site that make postponement of completion dates avoidable.

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