Monument protection - which many people prefer to leave alone, we tackle with a passion

A special figurehead of ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH is the renovation measures on listed buildings. This is where we can bring all our strengths and know-how to the fore.

Architectural monuments require significantly more expertise and experience than other restoration projects. The required material and time schedule are often only partially predictable. Many decisions are only made during the construction phase, for example because the building structure must first be exposed. If it becomes necessary to deviate from the previous plans, the ability of the construction company to react flexibly is crucial for further successful implementation that is both time conciderate and cost-effective.

Equally crucial is caution in the execution of the building measures. This is important, for example, when refurbishing original building elements, while preserving the charm and dignity of the old. Here, ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH has already proven itself many times. 

Why do we like to get involved with architectural monuments? Because we have respect for old building traditions and are always happy to accept the challenge of reviving a building with history and preserving its character.

A good example of redevelopment with responsibility is the former Ruinenbergkaserne in Potsdam in the immediate vicinity of Sanssouci Palace. The historic barrack buildings, grouped together like castles, have rich ornamentation and historic clinker brick facades in the neo-Gothic style. Over the course of several construction phases and with a construction budget of approximately. 20 million euros, a careful conversion to 163 exclusive apartments took place. In the main building modern multi-story apartments were created, and in the attics maisonettes and under the former parade ground an underground car park with 160 parking spaces was created.

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Andreas Edelmann

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