Our special subject: a solid roof

Every roof, no matter how high quality the building fabric is, must be renovated sooner or later. To get an overview of the costs of a roof renovation, it is advisable to obtain professional advice from the very beginning.

Hardly any other trade contributes as much to the value retention of a property as roof work. The range of implementation possibilities is extremely wide. Correspondingly, the damage patterns, which arise from faulty or inadequate execution, are confusingly diverse and often only become apparent after years. Therefore, these patterns are easily overlooked - after all, the roof area is not exactly a places where people spend their time every day. All in all, owners are advised to rely on a reliable and experienced team for roof renovations. 

The following roof work can be conscientiously carried out for you by ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH

  • Pitched and flat roof
  • Roof plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Building waterproofing
  • Lightning protection
  • Loft conversion

When it comes to full thermal insulation, most people think of facade and window renovations. However, the greatest energy loss is usually through the roof area. Especially in housing developments, there is enormous potential for savings here, which can benefit residents and the environment.
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Martin Sblewski


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