Chamber of Commerce Innovationscampus HKIC, Hamburg

The primary goal was the integration of the new building into a existing building ensemble, taking into account the heights of the two neighboring buildings as well as deauferlegten monument protection.

The special location of the property made a special deep foundation necessary - "construction in airspace". The 25 m high building is based on only three annexes set points.
spezielle Tiefgründung notwendig – „Bau im Luftraum“.
Das 25 m hohe Gebäude gründet sich auf nur drei An-

The particular challenge of the project was furthermore, these complicated construction measures during the running operation of the elevated railroad to be performed.
darüber hinaus, diese komplizierten Baumaßnahmen
während des laufenden Betriebes der Hochbahn


Location: Adolphsplatz, Hamburg

Client: Handelskammer Hamburg

Executing company: ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH, NL-Hamburg

Construction time: January 2012 to November 2013

Implementation: New construction, carcass work

Construction volume: 3,7 Mio. €

Special features:  Three-point supported, vibration decoupled steel composite structure

Thanks to a foundation on both sides of the building - one of the foundations lies in a canal - the railroad tunnel was neither touched nor loaded. Due to the course of the railroad tunnel, a conventional foundation of the building was not possible, so that the building loads had to be transferred by a road into the underlying canal. This in turn made it necessary to extend the building into the next street.

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