Roof renovation with bituminous waterproofing

This building project involves the renovation of the roof of an existing degewo building with a partially converted attic.

In the existing building, the roof was already sealed with bitumen sheeting. Contrary to the usual tile covering for this roof pitch and shape, the roof was to be rebuilt with bitumen sheeting. This led to solutions that were demanding in terms of both building physics and technical expertise.

Since bitumen seals are vapor-proof and thus unfavorable from a building physics point of view as an outer layer over converted attics, the new roof was given a continuous 6 cm high ventilation level with supply and exhaust air openings at the eaves, ridge and ridges.

For the skylights and the roof installation parts, such as the snow guard system, object-specific solutions were found in cooperation with the construction planning office and the manufacturers.


Location: Müggelheimerstraße, 12555 Berlin – Köpenick

Client: degewo Köpenicker Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH

Bauplanung/Objektüberwachung: Ingenieurbüro Keller

Executing company: ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH

Construction time: 04/2020 – 12/2020

Implementation: Roof renovation:

Construction volume: 300.000 EUR

Special features: Exceptional waterproofing of a 26° pitched roof with bitumen membranes



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