Raising the roof as a staggered storey

The existing residential building, built in 1963, at Berlepschstraße 165 to 169 was extended by one residential storey. The new storey is designed as a staggered storey. This means that the exterior walls in the area of the head side of the building and the balconies are recessed.

Six new flats with a total living space of 426 m² were built here.

For the attic addition, the existing existing roof was removed and emergency waterproofing was applied to the now exposed reinforced concrete ribbed ceiling.

After the assembly of the ring beam, the external walls made of aerated concrete, the internal walls made of sand-lime bricks, the assembly of the intermediate wooden beam ceiling and the assembly of the rafter roof (flat roof) took place.

The roof received a bituminous roof covering on a gradient insulation.

The apartments are accessed through the existing stairwell with two new prefabricated stair flights as well as landings.

Interior walls & ceilings, in each apartment are built in drywall. The floors of the living areas are equipped with a parquet. All bathrooms received tiles on the wall and floor surfaces incl. floor-level shower and shower partition made of real glass and a tub.

Each apartment is provided with one or two roof terraces.

Location: Berlepschstraße 165, 167, 169 in 14165 Berlin

Client: Deutsche Wohnen Construction and Facility GmbH

Executing company: ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH

Construction time: 05/2019 – 05/2020

Implementation: Attic extension

Construction volume: 1,12 Mio. EUR

Special features: The staggered storey




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