Roof extension with extensive greening

At Ackerstraße 14-15 in Berlin Mitte, two new residential units each with a usable floor space of approx. 316 m² were built on the top floor of two transverse buildings.

After a structural upgrade of the wooden beam ceiling, the existing roof truss was demolished and restored to its original dimensions in accordance with the fire protection concept. The wind brackets of the roof structure were removed. Their function is now taken over by steel components.

The typical "Berlin roof" received a hard roofing as tile covering on the outside in the sloping roof areas as well as a bituminous roof covering in the flat roof area with an extensive greening applied on top.

The apartments are accessed through the existing staircase. The interior walls and apartment partition walls are built in drywall. The floors of the living areas received parquet flooring, in the kitchen and bathroom tiles have been used. Each apartment is equipped with a front roof terrace including wooden flooring.

Location: Ackerstraße 14-15, 10115 Berlin Mitte

Client: Ackerhöfe GbR Berlin

Executing company: ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH

Construction time: 08/2019 – 10/2020

Implementation: Loft conversion

Construction volume: 1,54 Mio. EUR

Special features:

  • Safety staircases with flushing ventilation (compensation for omission of the second escape route)
  • Crane erection in the inner courtyard of the first transverse building



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