The new bridge replacement over a DB route is to be built adjacent to the old bridge.
This measure entails an approx. 800 m long roadway extension from the town exit to the district road.

The flat founded single-span bridge has a span of approx. 27 m, its substructures are to be made of reinforced concrete. The bridge superstructure is to be erected as a two-part plate beam in prestressed concrete. The bridge cross section is to be designed with a width between the balustrades of more than 13 m.

After the insolvency of the company Betam, the services are completed by the sister company ARIKON Straßen-, Tiefbau und Abriß GmbH.


Location: Strasburg – Uckermark

Client: ARIKON Straßen-, Tiefbau und Abriß GmbH

Executing company: ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH

Construction time: September 2015 until June 2016

Implementation: Bridge construction work, new construction, demolition

Construction volume: Total volume of 2.7 million €, thereof 1.0 million € bridge construction

Special features: Partially long wing walls by cross angles, direct proximity to the track bed
Flügelwände durch Kreuzwinkel, direkte Nähe zum Gleisbett



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