The canal built in the first half of the 19th century serves as a receiving watercourse to regulate the water level of Gothensee and Thurbruch.

The abutments of the old bridge were left and underpinned to secure the existing structure. Since the old structure remained in operation during the entire period of the new construction, the work had to be carried out below the old structure. Only the frame cover was made laterally next to the old building and then moved to its final position. The demolition of the old building was carried out in three stages, so that traffic could be diverted successively to the new state road.

Ort/Lage: Heringsdorf/Usedom

Client: Straßenbauamt Stralsund

Executing company: ARIKON Straßen-, Tiefbau und Abriss GmbH

Construction time: February 2014 to December 2014

Implementation: earthworks, bridge construction, deconstruction, shifting construction

Construction volume: 1,4 Mio. €

Special features: building below the existing structure while maintaining the bathing operation

The L266 after restoration of the new roadway superstructure in asphaltic concrete with new pavement area, including equipment, road marking and signage.

For this expansion, an inventory-based standard cross section with a planned lane width was necessary.



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