TCC substation Neuenhagen

There are areas where the interruption of the energy supply can endanger the building and cause irreparable damage.
These include, for example, hospitals, airports and data centers.

ARIKON Elektrotechnik GmbH analyses, designs and plans systems that make an interruption of the power supply practically impossible.

In a data center, the existence of the entire knowledge capital can depend on the fact that the corresponding backup system has been solidly planned and conscientiously implemented so that it works reliably in the event of an emergency.
The specialists at ARIKON Elektrotechnik GmbH are proud of the fact that several data centers have placed the highly sensitive security of energy supply in the hands of society, thus demonstrating their great trust.
If you also want to be on the safe side, please contact us with confidence.


Location: Neuenhagen near Berlin 

Client: 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH

Time period: December 2014-December 2015

Performance: Conversion power supply

Lutz Haueis


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