The rule-compliant and economic provision of building materials, subcontractors and services is not only the focus of ARIKON Group, but is also subject to ethical guidelines and the requirements of ISO 9001 certification.

Purchasing Principles of ARIKON Group

Long-term, fair and sustainable partnership

  • ARIKON Group is a fair partner that regards quality awareness, credibility, open cooperation and confidentiality as the basis for a lasting business relationship.

Our expectations of subcontractors and suppliers are as follows:

  • Innovative technology and construction services and a competitive price-performance ratio and sustainable environmental awareness

Protection of confidence

  • Treating internal and sensitive information, data and knowledge confidentially and respects the intellectual property of its partners.

Continuous improvement of processes and costs

  • An aim with our subcontractors and suppliers to apply the principles and methods of lean management and work together to continuously improve the culture in the execution processes.

Fair competition

  • Purchasing and procurement activities carried out under the conditions of fair competition.

Ralf Bär



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