The aim of a compliance management system is to ensure that board members, managers and employees behave in accordance with the law and corporate values. 

This ensures a basis for sustainable business success and a trusting cooperation with business partners, customers and employees. 

The compliance management system must be adapted to the individual characteristics and needs of each company. In practice, the following elements have emerged, which, depending on the structure of the company, must be built as a single entity or in part and established from the top-down: 

  • Identification and systematization of compliance duties and risks
  • Definition of compliance standards in the form of codes of conduct and other guidelines
  • Information and training of employees as preventive measures
  • Setting up controls and monitoring compliance
  • Establishment of a standardized handling of compliance violations (including measures for damage limitation and improvement for the future)
  • Regular reporting to managing directors, board of directors and supervisory board 

In ARIKON Group each of the above-mentioned control mechanisms are continuously systematized to detect legal and regulatory violations at an early stage, hence avoiding them before they occur. The integrative interlocking of the individual instruments is also intended to ensure prosecution in individual cases and, in addition, to prevent violations of the rules.

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