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ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH plants 100 trees for climate protection

At Christmas time, instead of presents, the business partners of ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH were given a promise: "In 2023, we will plant 100 trees - our sustainable and active contribution to climate protection!"
In the meantime, the company has kept its promise. In Itzehoe, parts of a forest area were reforested further with the participation of an ARIKON team.

ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg, a company of the ARIKON Group, cooperates in this sustainability project with the organization PLANT-MY-TREE®, which has been carrying out reforestation projects for CO2 compensation throughout Germany since 2007. Torsten Kuß, Managing Director of ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg: "The basic idea of PLANT-MY-TREE®, to make a contribution to climate protection on our own doorstep, convinced us. We didn't just want to take on a tree sponsorship, but literally make an active contribution to sustainability and climate protection with our own hands. For us, the tree planting campaign in Itzehoe was a great day, with a lot of sweat and "a bit of a backache" - but with the good feeling of getting something moving in terms of sustainability even with small steps! Every tree counts!" Translated with (free version)

A project with a special focus on sustainability

The ARIKON planting team led by Torsten Kuß was completed by Dirk Schlobohm (technical manager), Nils Hansen (project manager) and Edda Saß (calculator). The planting of the cuttings - a selection of walnut trees, bronze birch trees, European saplings, Douglas firs, service trees, amber trees, black walnut trees and Japanese larches - was carried out under the expert guidance of the PLANT-MY-TREE® experts. A total of 100,000 trees have already been planted on the reforestation area in Itzehoe since 2021. The planned duration of the PLANT-MY-TREE®,projects is at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use is to take place. "The long-term campaign underlines the special sustainability concept of the projects, with which we at ARIKON can identify very well," says Torsten Kuß. Translated with (free version)

ARIKON Group sets an example and integrates sustainability goals into corporate strategy

As early as 2021, the ARIKON Group, headquartered in Berlin, integrated eight sustainability goals into its corporate objectives as binding guidelines for entrepreneurial action - and is thus taking on a pioneering role in the medium-sized construction industry. With a targeted catalog of measures, the ARIKON Group aims to achieve sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level (Environment, Social, Governance | ESG).
Torsten Kuß: "The topic of sustainability is relevant for ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg in many energy refurbishment projects. The energy modernization of older buildings, including building services, effectively reduces energy requirements for heating, water heating and ventilation and cuts CO2 emissions. The fact that we can now make a sustainable contribution to regional climate and environmental protection beyond our work with the tree planting campaign makes us all the more pleased!" Translated with (free version)

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