Bridge construction - more than just connecting

The simple origins of the bridge - connecting two points over a short distance - has now become a technically highly complex structure that can extend over several kilometers.

Since 2015, our ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH has had a branch office in Cottbus, whose employees set high standards in civil engineering and bridge construction for their clients thanks to their engineering know-how and high level of craftsmanship. Our clients regard us as specialists in bridge construction who successfully realize large construction projects and smaller dimensioned bridge constructions. 

Our competencies

  • the construction of new bridges over traffic routes such as roads and railroad lines of any classification
  • Canal and river bridges as prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete bridges, steel and steel composite bridges, incremental launching method, cantilever bridges
  • the repair of bridge and concrete structures, even while maintaining ongoing traffic
  • the new construction of sewage treatment plants
  • the open cut tunnel construction
  • the construction of retaining walls as gravity walls in solid concrete
  • the solid concrete buildings

The high quality of the services we offer has been confirmed by ISO 9001 certification. Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001 bestätigt.

"At our Cottbus location, we offer regionally innovative solutions for integrated infrastructure projects. “

- Ingo Habig, Managing Director ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH

Andreas Heuer


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