New requirements - new solutions in industrial construction!

What does it look like, the sustainable concept for modern industrial buildings?

Aspects such as efficiency, space for optimized workflows, aesthetic requirements, cost-effectiveness, fire protection and safety technology alone are no longer sufficient to create modern working environments. In times of climate change and scarce resources, solutions are needed that also take into account the new requirements for resource-saving and ecologically sound construction.

ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH already offers trend-setting concepts: production facilities, industrial buildings, office and administration buildings - we plan and realize valuable solutions that optimally combine the high demands on functionality, flexibility, complexity, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. This makes building a worthwhile investment in the future!

Our competencies

  • Structural work/extended structural work
  • turnkey construction with and without planning services
  • Conversion, renovation and expansion measures
  • Building in existing buildings
  • Special facilities and plants
  • Partnering models

The high quality of the services offered has been confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification.  

      Doosan Lentjes 
      Advanced technologies for sewage sludge incineration

      "Shell structures are the basis of every building and form the foundation for all other trades and functional components. We provide the necessary know-how and experience to build this basis reliably and economically".

      - Ingo Habig, Managing Director ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH

      Ingo Habig

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