Building refurbishment is much more than just looks

Most older buildings have a significantly higher energy consumption compared with new buildings.

This results in increased heating demand, which often has to be covered inefficiently with outdated technology. Heating costs will increase and CO₂ loads will also rise, a subject that has gained particularly in the building management of existing buildings over the last decades.

By modernizing the energy efficiency of the building, including the building services, the energy requirements for heating, hot water and ventilation are effectively reduced.

Since the end of 2015, the ARIKON Group has been offering its know-how in this area of renovation. An experienced team of competent employees, who have already successfully implemented many construction projects, will support you in your project.


Our competencies

  • Energetic building modernization as a general contractor:
    The thermal insulation of the facade and basement ceiling as well as the floor ceiling, replacement of windows and doors, installation of ventilation systems and adjustment of the heating system.
  • External thermal insulation composite systems of many manufacturers, execution with plaster and clinker brick slips as the final coating.
  • Roof extensions of existing buildings as a complete service:
    We offer all services from a single source, from the demolition of the existing roof construction to handing over the keys.
  • New construction across the entire spectrum in turnkey construction in the areas of residential construction, roof extensions, individual commercial construction, refurbishing of office buildings.

The high quality of the services we offer has been confirmed by ISO 9001 certification. Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001 bestätigt.


      Torsten Kuß, Managing Director of ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH, was a guest of Rüdiger Kruse, MdB, in Hamburg.

      Großes Thema in dem Gespräch: “Nachhaltiges Bauen”. Hier sieht Torsten Kuß vor allem in der energetischen Sanierung und Modernisierung bestehender Gebäude große Potentiale, die noch lange nicht ausgeschöpft sind. Sein Wunsch an die Politik: Sie müsse als Impulsgeber Hemmschwellen abbauen und Anreize für Immobilienbesitzer schaffen, vorhandene Fördermittel einfacher zu nutzen. “Wir sind”, so Torsten Kuß zum Aspekt Klimaschutz, “in einer Phase, wo wir etwas machen müssen!” Die ARIKON-Gruppe habe auch beim TESLA-Projekt in Grünheide gezeigt, dass man mit schlanken Strukturen und dem festen Willen, etwas zu schaffen, es “auch schnell machen kann”.


      Serial refurbishment according to the energy-prong principle is a solution that quickly makes climate-neutral living possible and affordable for everyone. 

      In Europe, the Energy Sprong principle has already proven itself to work a thousand times over. Now the demand of the housing industry in Germany has been also growing steadily - and with it comes the need for the corresponding product and solution offerings. Torsten Kuss from ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg GmbH talks about the commitment to Energiesprong as one of the first companies in the Hamburg area.

      "The energetic renovation of buildings is much more than just the possibility to save energy costs. It is an elementary building block for the protection of our climate!"

      - Torsten Kuß, Managing Director ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH

      Torsten Kuß

      Torsten Kuẞ


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