Rethinking energy!

The generation and supply of future-proof energy is one of the most important issues of our time. We like to think ahead in the development of sustainable solutions: for industry, commerce and the real estate sector.

The energy market is facing a huge challenge. On the one hand, the European energy network is the largest and most powerful energy interconnection in the world. But in the event of technical disruptions or political crises, dependencies become directly noticeable. The ecologically necessary shift toward volatile energy sources entails additional risks.

The goal must be to ensure that the increasing energy requirements are met with high-performance and stable networks, taking into account the aspects mentioned above. The need for renovation in German industry is enormous, and the expansion of decentralized networks - keyword "medium-voltage technology" - must be driven forward urgently.

In this area of tension between energy transition, independence and ensuring the increasing performance requirements, ARIKON Tech GmbH develops sustainable solutions in the matter of "energy" with the bundling of broadly diversified competences.



In buildings today, nothing works without electricity. In terms of design and function, the electricity and wiring network in a building is similar to the central nervous system of a human being.
It is branched, versatile and irreplaceable. Against the background of the broad spectrum of multiple applications, there are no longer any standard solutions that fit different types of real estate. This is where ARIKON Tech GmbH comes in and can play to its strengths.

The result is customized solutions from planning to execution and subsequent maintenance.

Our competencies

  • Medium voltage systems up to 30 kV
  • Low voltage systems
  • structural safety installations
  • Monitoring systems
  • Data Networks
  • Measurement and control engineering with cooperation partner

The high quality of the services we offer has been confirmed by ISO 9001 certification. Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001 bestätigt.

    "Standard electrical installations that are up to date today will already reach their limits tomorrow. If you want to keep up with the rapid development of our digitalized world, you have to keep an eye on the future!"

    - Lutz Haueis, Managing Director ARIKON Tech GmbH


    Over the past decades, the requirements for the state of the art of building technology as a whole have grown enormously.

    In today's building services engineering, certain systems that used to be treated as independent units are merging to form a holistic supply system for a building.

    This makes it more important than ever that the trades come from a single source in order to rule out any indifferences. However, technology must never become an end in itself. That is why ARIKON Tech GmbH always keeps two rules in mind: The technology must really serve the comfort of the residents and it must be designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Always well supplied!

    The references of ARIKON Tech GmbH clearly show that rich experience is available with regard to buildings with public traffic. ARIKON Tech GmbH has equipped a large number of shopping centers, furniture markets, banking houses and hotels with building technology, some of which is highly complex.

    Interesting thereby also the clients, under which very considerable building contractors are like the Züblin AG, the Lindner AG or Wolf & Mueller; not less weighty as final customers are enterprises such as TUI, Osram and Hugo boss.

    Our competencies

    • Heating system
    • Sanitary
    • Air Conditioning Technology
    • Water supply and disposal
    • Water treatment
    • Sprinklers
    • Solar thermal systems
    • Cooling and cooling water systems

    in residential, office and commercial buildings as well as in hotels, commercial centers and industrial complexes.

    The high quality of the services offered has been confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification. Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001 bestätigt.

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