Building Bits for Sustainable and Digital Asset Management.

We show you how to turn your data into useful information: with MonArch as a knowledge-based information and object management system.

The MonArch system allows the structural, spatial, digital documentation of structural cultural assets, historical buildings, archaeological sites as well as existing buildings and urban areas. Any individual building, but also complete properties or areas, can be represented in the form of 2D plans or 3D models. Established database technology is used in combination with graph database technology for internal and external networking of information, efficient execution of queries and support of multi-user operations. As AriInfoWare GmbH we provide MonArch as "as a Service" or if required as "OnPremise-Service". We support you in the analysis and migration of your inventory data. The goal is to enable you to manage your data economically, effectively and sustainably.

For the internal storage of your data, we only use open formats that you can access at any time. You decide who should have access to your data and when.

Our competencies

  • Data analysis and data integration for MonArch
  • Creation of Linked Data compatible structural and thematic graphs, 2D navigation maps, 3D navigation models and point clouds (MonArch Data).
  • Development of data models to build analysis spaces for answering interdisciplinary questions, e.g. in the fields of mobility, infrastructure, environment or spatial planning
  • Project partner for digitization and research projects in the field of openBIM, point clouds, GIS and HBIM

"We offer innovative solutions and concepts to turn your data into useful networked information for you."

- Dr. Alexander Stenzer, Managing Director AriInfoWare GmbH

Dr. Alexander Stenzer


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