Customer satisfaction

At the ARIKON Group, the customer and his interests are the focus of attention. The ARIKON Group sees itself as a partner of the clients. The services should optimally realise the objectives of a client and guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio for the client, if necessary with the help of necessary compromises. The very flat hierarchical structures within the company reliably keep communication channels short. This ensures flexibility and the rapid implementation of decisions.


The ARIKON Group attaches great importance to open and transparent exchange with its stakeholders in the project. This is the basis for long-term corporate relationships and successful corporate development from which all sides benefit. As a service, we offer communication with public and private bodies in the run-up to and during the project. This helps our clients to consider different perspectives for their projects at an early stage and to develop sustainable strategies for their success with ARIKON. ARIKON not only focuses on the technology and the project, but also on its potential impact on society and the environment.


The ARIKON Group benefits from strategic alliances with architects, engineers and specialized companies. The relationship with subcontractors and joint ventures is equally based on partnership and characterised by trust and mutuality. This enables a corporate structure that can and does reposition itself according to the requirements of the market at any time or align itself to current goals. 

Our Philosophy & Motivation

The actual carriers of know-how - and thus the decisive factor for the success of the ARIKON Group - are our highly qualified and motivated employees. They are responsibly integrated into the company and are supported as co-entrepreneurs. All shareholders are aware of their obligation towards the employees. An important management instrument in this respect is the perpetual dialogue. 

Social responsibility

The companies of the ARIKON Group see themselves as components of the community and as such bear social responsibility. This responsibility not only refers to the preservation and creation of jobs, but also consciously to the training of young people.

Head office


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