Focus on the success factors!

ARIKON AG is the holding company of the ARIKON Group. It supports its companies as an active investor in strategic management and risk management.

The activities of ARIKON AG have a very clear goal: the creation of a framework in which the company´s management can fully concentrate on the success factors of its own business activities and develop them further.

In addition, ARIKON AG supports the companies in bundling their competences in large and complex projects, if required. The implementation of strategic communication and stakeholder management reduces frictional losses, creates synergies and ensures a positive market environment.

Bundled competence!

As a central part of the ARIKON Group, we offer a comprehensive range of services beyond the field of construction, covering all aspects of "solution development as a group". Ask us for solutions - we set all the energy in motion for you!


Career as an entrepreneur

Succession regulation

Company acquisition



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