DAM(N) right! Digitales Asset Management.

AriInfoWare GmbH is located in the beautiful city of Passau. As a specialist for information systems and software engineering, we bring order to your data.

Under the keyword DAM-Digital Asset Management, we bundle our solutions and services for organizing your data. With regard to construction, this means, among other things, the storage of data of digital, virtual and continuously synchronized construction models. This allows the entire life cycle of a construction project to be mapped virtually and all relevant information - from planning to execution to operation and even to deconstruction - to be recorded and managed centrally and networked. We consider all aspects of data processing under the criteria of openBIM(more info about openBIM)).

With MonArch (more info on MonArch), we have developed software that, expressed in BIM dimensions, uses the 6D model to take into account the lifecycle aspects (management of the structure up to building demolition), thereby increasing the
traceability of maintenance and repair measures. Above all, the 6D dimension offers an improvement in sustainability in facility management.

Customers in the cultural-historical and public sector already benefit from our experience and expertise. We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Bundled competence!

As part of the ARIKON Group, we offer you a comprehensive range of services related to the topic of "building" beyond digital asset management. Ask us for solutions - we'll put all the energy into motion for you!


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