Die ARIKON-Gruppe investiert in digitale Geschäftsfelder

Die ARIKON AG freut sich über die Neugründung der AriInfoWare GmbH mit Sitz in Passau als weiteres Unternehmen im Verbund der ARIKON-Gruppe.

"With the founder and managing director Dr Alexander Stenzer and his young team, we are strengthening our competencies in shaping the digital transformation in the construction industry and expanding our portfolio of solutions for our customers," says Dierk Homeyer, Head of Corporate Development and Corporate Relations at ARIKON AG.

During his time as a doctoral student and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Passau, Dr. Alexander Stenzer developed the MonArch system for structural, spatial digital documentation of architectural cultural assets under the supervision of Professor Freitag at the Institute of Information Systems and Software Engineering. This work forms the basis for the development of a new version MonArch 3.0, in which the processing of 3D/BIM models and point clouds are a focus.

Dr. Alexander Stenzer: "The results from the MonArch research projects and the expertise of the ARIKON Group enable us to continue the work on MonArch and bring a documentation system for real estate to the market that manages digital information over the entire life cycle of a property and makes it intuitively findable."

With AriInfoWare GmbH, the ARIKON Group will also intensify its activities in the area of research & development in order to develop new, innovative technologies in cooperation with research-based companies and universities.

Dirk Rommel, CEO ARIKON AG: "We see great opportunities through technological change in the construction and real estate industry and support talented entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and concepts into sustainable products and ventures. We look forward to an exciting collaboration with Dr. Stenzer and his team."

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