Dachgeschossaufstockung Barnetstr.

Attic addition creates 32 new residential units

ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH is creating 32 new residential units at Barnetstr. 60-67 in Berlin by adding two more floors to the attic. For the three-story house with a basement, the timber frame construction method was used for the addition, which is particularly suitable for this due to the recurring floor plans.  

A particular challenge here is the weather protection for the floors below. The fire walls and stairwells were made of solid reinforced concrete for structural reasons and to meet fire protection requirements. Here, too, the use of semi-prefabricated parts was chosen. This allowed the manufacturing time to be reduced due to prefabrication and shorter drying times.

On the entrance side, parts of the facade were demolished in parallel in order to add elevators up to the upper floor.

All work had to be carried out in consideration of the existing tenants in a residential area. Building access was available during the entire construction period, with a few exceptions.

More info and pictures about the project you will receive here under our references: