Bridge construction Frankfurt/Oder

The branch of Arikon Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH in Cottbus was commissioned by the Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt/Oder (SVF) with the demolition of the existing bridge and the subsequent new construction.

The Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt/Oder is a speciality in Germany with its streetcar line, which runs over the A12 freeway. The SVF project manager Wolfgang Worf knows of no other streetcar company in Germany whose own bridge crosses a freeway.

But already in December 2017, the 30-year-old bridge had to be demolished due to an alkali-silica reaction in the abutments (colloquially known as concrete cancer).

The structure in integral construction is a five-web, single-span composite frame with a flat foundation. The video of the MOZ shows the laying of the composite precast girders (VFT girders) on 22.7.2018. Due to a length of 37 meters and a weight of approx. 25 tons, the A12 had to be completely closed at times. This was the only way to lift and install the VFT girders individually onto the abutments.

The video of the project

Due to a length of 37 meters and a weight of approx. 25 tons per girder, the A12 had to be fully closed at times in order to lift and install all VFT girders individually onto the abutments.

Another special feature is that plastic sleepers are used instead of wooden or concrete sleepers. The plastic sleepers have a high life expectancy and are comparable to wooden sleepers in terms of weight and workability.

The construction project is accompanied by a webcam and can be viewed on the homepage of the road transport company. In December 2018 the bridge is to be completed and opened for streetcar traffic.