ARIKON supports successful participants of the 13th IESO

At the last International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), two graduates of the French Gymnasium Berlin were among the successful participants - with the friendly support of ARIKON Bau AG.

At the annual International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), students in the 10th and 11th grades worldwide can test their knowledge in various disciplines of the earth sciences (geology, astronomy, meteorology, environmental sciences). This year's successful participants include Gwenaëlle Scharpff and Youri Wagner, two graduates of the French Gymnasium Berlin - with the friendly support of ARIKON Bau AG.

ARIKON CEO Dirk Rommel: "The promotion of young talents is an important concern for us as a medium-sized company and a responsibility that we are happy to fulfill when it comes to education and cultural exchange.
In our capacity as a long-standing sponsor of the French Gymnasium Berlin, we congratulate both participants on their successful participation in the IESO in Korea. We hope that Gwenaëlle and Youri will be able to use this experience positively for their further personal development".

A short report about their successful participation in the 13th Earth Science Olympiad in South Korea has been written here:

"We qualified for the IESO, the International Geology and Earth Science Olympiad, in a national preliminary decision as two of four team members of the German team.
The IESO lasted 9 days and took place in Daegu, South Korea. First we visited different cultural highlights and then we participated in several geological excursions. It was a good opportunity not only to learn about Korea and its incredible history, but also to get to know the other participants.

The IESO's written examination consisted of four smaller tests, we could prove our practical knowledge on the 7th and 8th day at several stations in the mountains during the practical examinations. We also had to prepare and present two projects in international teams: a project on typhoons in South Asia (ESP) and a field study on the geological past of the south of the country (ITFI).
On the last day there was the medal ceremony. Youri Wagner received a bronze medal for Team Germany and a gold medal for the field examination "ITFI". After the ceremony we enjoyed a guided tour through Daegu and an exciting closing ceremony. The next morning we went back to Germany with tears of farewell.
Overall, it was a very instructive and valuable experience, not least because of the many international acquaintances we made. These we will definitely cultivate".

Further information about the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) can be found here:
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