Whether internships, training, further education, job search or job change - on the career mile in Teltow, which started in the context of the city festival on Sunday, October 8, 2023, there was a lot of information and tips for the young visitors from the first...

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We present the latest news, information and background from the construction industry in the ARIKON SPOTLIGHTS: external news, background reports and developments around the topic "construction industry" - clearly listed and with direct links to the websites.

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ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH plants 100 trees for climate protection At Christmas time, instead of presents, the business partners of ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH were given a promise: "In 2023, we will plant 100 trees - our sustainable and active...

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ARIKON punktet beim Tag der Berufs-Orientierung

ARIKON scores at career orientation day

Great interest among students at the gottlieb daimler school in ludwigsfelde Great interest was shown by the students at the Gottlieb Daimler School in Ludwigsfelde in the training opportunities presented at the career orientation day for the final-year classes in mid-June....

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ARIKON realisiert Breitbandausbau im ländlichen Raum


Project launch with official groundbreaking ceremony in Rosenfeld (Baden-Württemberg) With the official groundbreaking ceremony at the beginning of September 2022, ARIKON Infrastruktur GmbH and ARIKON Netztechnik GmbH launched the expansion of gigabit-capable Internet connections in the town of Rosenfeld...

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Impulsgeber mit internationaler Erfahrung

Impulse generator with international experience

Dr. Hischam Fouad appointed managing director of ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH The ARIKON Group has recruited Dr. Hischam Fouad for the position of managing director of ARIKON Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH. The 57-year-old doctor of engineering,...

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Doosan Lentjes und Arikon liefern das Müllheizkraftwerk Wiesbaden.

Doosan Lentjes and Arikon to supply the Wiesbaden waste-to-energy plant

Doosan Lentjes and ARIKON have been awarded the contract in a consortium for the turnkey delivery of the new waste-to-energy (WtE) plant in Wiesbaden, Germany. Doosan Lentjes, a specialist in environmental technology, will be responsible as general contractor for the turnkey planning, delivery, assembly, and commissioning of the entire plant.

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Nachhaltiges Bauen – Interview mit Torsten Kuß


Torsten Kuß, Managing Director of ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH, was a guest of Rüdiger Kruse, MdB, in Hamburg. A major topic in the discussion: "Sustainable building". Torsten Kuß sees great potential here, especially in the energy-efficient renovation and modernisation of existing buildings, which is far from being exhausted.

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Schöner Wohnen mit Dachterrasse

Beautiful living with roof terrace

The existing residential building, built in 1963, at Berlepschstraße 165 to 169 was extended by one residential floor. The new floor is designed as a stacked floor. This means that the exterior walls in the area of the head side of the building as well as the balconies...

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Dachgeschossausbau mit spektakulärer Bauvorbereitung

Attic conversion with spectacular building preparation

The preparations for the construction of two new residential units at Ackerstraße 14-15 in Berlin Mitte were spectacular. Because before ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH could build the new residential units on two transverse buildings on the top floor with a floor space of approx. 316 m²,...

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Dachsanierung im Bestand

Roof renovation in the existing building

The construction project in Berlin Köpenick involves the renovation of the roof of an existing degewo building with a partially extended attic. In the existing building, the roof was already sealed with bituminous sheeting. Contrary to the usual practice for this...

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Neuer Wohnraum im denkmalgeschützten Mietshaus

New living space in listed apartment building

In order to provide new living space in Berlin-Steglitz, an attic floor with 24 new residential units was developed in an apartment building with a floor area of around 3,000 m² and a roof area of 4,500 m². ARIKON was responsible for the carcass, carpentry and roofing work. The 100...

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Dachsanierung einer Grundschule

Roof renovation of an elementary school

The roof of the elementary school an den Püttbergen, in the green district of Treptow-Köpenick, was re-roofed in the course of extensive renovation work. The roof area amounts to over 3,000 m². Executing company: ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH. A special feature was the...

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Dachgeschossaufstockung schafft 32 neue Wohneinheiten

Attic addition creates 32 new residential units

ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH is creating 32 new residential units at Barnetstr. 60-67 in Berlin by adding two more floors to the attic. For the three-story house with a basement, the timber frame construction method was used for the addition, which is...

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Neuer Wohnraum inkl. Aufzug

New living space incl. elevator

The residential complex of Gewobag in Rathausstr. in Berlin - Tempelhof/ Mariendorf consists of 31 residential buildings arranged in a row. The buildings were built in 1967 to 1969 in a reinforced concrete large panel construction with exposed aggregate concrete facades. In the course of the...

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Automatisierung digitaler Verarbeitungsprozesse

Automation of digital processing

The automation of digital processing at the ARIKON Group is progressing. With FTAPI Software GmbH and Corporate Montage Europe GmbH, two competent partners for a secure, digital and automated input management...

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ARIKON weitet soziales Engagement aus!

ARIKON expands social commitment!

ARIKON AG has further expanded its social commitment to the Outpatient Children's Hospice Nora of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. ARIKON has already been supporting the project for 2 years - and has now extended this commitment by taking over a permanent company sponsorship.

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ARIKON schafft Räume für Ideen mit Zukunft!

ARIKON schafft Räume für Ideen mit Zukunft!

The production of ecological mobility technology is scheduled to start as early as mid 2021 on the 300-hectare industrial site in Grünheide, Brandenburg. Currently, preparations for construction are underway at what is currently "Germany's most spectacular construction site" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)...

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ARIKON setzt „großartiges Zeichen!“

ARIKON sets a "great sign!

Dirk Rommel, CEO of ARIKON Bau AG (left in picture), and Dierk Homeyer, Head of Corporate Communications, present a donation of 3,000 EUR to the outpatient children's hospice service "NORA". At ARIKON Bau AG, the commitment to social responsibility is...

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Neues Geschäftsfeld in Hamburg

New business segment in Hamburg

In Hamburg Bergedorf, ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH has started its regular business operations since 01.01.2016 and is realizing the first construction projects with an experienced team of construction professionals, from calculation to execution. In...

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