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Competence creates solutions!

Good planned is digitally built:
Digital architecture

Competence creates solutions!

We prove our quality in complex construction projects!
Building construction and turnkey construction

Competence creates solutions!

We build the basis for your economic success!
Industrial construction

Competence creates solutions!

With us horizons become attainable!
Civil engineering and bridge construction

Competence creates solutions!

Electricity and power grids are the nervous system of our modern world!
Electrical Engineering

Competence creates solutions!

We bring functionality into the building!
Building services engineering

Competence creates solutions!

Careful renewal means sustainable modernization!
Renovation construction:

Competence creates solutions!

We improve the CO2 balance in existing buildings!
Energetic renovation

Competence creates solutions

We get you on the way!

Competence creates solutions!

Building and dismantling have more to do with each other than one might think!
Environmental Technology

Competence creates solutions!

The digital world offers enormous possibilities. You just have to know how to use them!

arikon ag –
Focus on success factors

ARIKON AG is the holding company of the ARIKON Group. It supports its companies as an active investor in strategic management and risk management. 

In order to better focus on the respective success factors of the individual companies, ARIKON AG provides the company managers with central service competencies and thus creates freedom in operative actions.

This range of services offered by ARIKON AG is available to every company as part of the ARIKON Group. Take the chance and become part of this group.


Chancen nutzen –
with Arikon

"Investments are a part of our growth strategy and one of the success factors of ARIKON AG!"

- Dirk Rommel, Chief Executive Officer ARIKON AG

Building the future
with Arikon

As a total contractor, we think your construction project through from the beginning to the end. Planning, execution and control of all services are our responsibility.

All information and decision paths between the project participants are controlled by us and guarantee a high degree of planning reliability, efficient use of resources and precise control of individual construction phases.

As a client, you have a dedicated point of contact who is responsible for the quality, budget security and timely completion of your project. You have the idea and a budget - we realize your project. That is building with a future!



"Strategic alliances with architects, engineers and partner companies round off the range of services and guarantee the best possible solution for every project!"

- Michal Korte, Managing Director ARIKON Digitale Baukunst GmbH

Our customers include:

Project Developers

Housing Industry


Public clients

Industry and trade


Network of competencies

The ARIKON Group consists of independent companies that offer their solutions individually or in bundles.

This means that you as a customer have access to the efficiency of the individual companies or the entire ARIKON Group.

The focus is on the service concept tailored to the customer's needs, which ensures the smooth processing of even complex projects from planning to implementation.

The operating units obtain central services from ARIKON AG. This enables seamless and efficient cooperation of the companies in larger projects - with flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes.

Our Philosophy and Motivation

For ARIKON the customer is the center of attention!


"A close cooperation based on partnership, which considers and brings about the satisfaction of clients and contractors alike, is both our claim and our standard."

- Dierk Homeyer, Chief Communication and Development Manager ARIKON AG

A powerful community

The ARIKON Group is not only entrepreneurially committed and bears responsibility for its employees, but is also particularly involved in society.

In the case of ARIKON, this commitment consists in a corporate sponsorship with the outpatient children's and youth hospice NORA.

The task of the ambulant children's and youth hospice NORA in Oderland-Spree, consists in the care of families in particularly difficult situations, experiencing help by volunteers of the ambulant children's hospice.

The volunteer family counselors do their work in the families, listen, advise and accompany. This demanding work requires empathy and commitment.

We as ARIKON are grateful to be able to support this work and to accompany it in the exchange with those involved.

Social responsibility


"Social commitment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Because a strong community lives from the integration and support of all!"

- Dirk Rommel, Chief Executive Officer ARIKON AG




We present the latest news, information and background from the construction industry in the ARIKON SPOTLIGHTS: external news, background reports and developments around the topic "construction industry" - clearly listed and with direct links to the websites.

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Nachhaltiges Bauen – Interview mit Torsten Kuß

Nachhaltiges Bauen – Interview mit Torsten Kuß

Torsten Kuß, Geschäftsführer der ARIKON Baugesellschaft Hamburg mbH, war in Hamburg zu Gast bei Rüdiger Kruse, MdB. Großes Thema in dem Gespräch: "Nachhaltiges Bauen". Hier sieht Torsten Kuß vor allem in der energetischen Sanierung und Modernisierung bestehender...

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Dachgeschossaufstockung schafft 32 neue Wohneinheiten

Attic addition creates 32 new residential units

ARIKON Sanierungsbau GmbH is creating 32 new residential units at Barnetstr. 60-67 in Berlin by adding two more floors to the attic. For the three-story house with a basement, the timber frame construction method was used for the addition, which is...

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